Broken Justice: An Inside-Out View of the Justice System

Broken Justice: An Inside-Out View of the Justice System

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Broken Justice: An Inside-Out View of the Justice System 
by Bob Eddy with Connie Eddy

IPTM’s latest book, Broken Justice: An Inside-Out View of the Justice System, takes a critical look at how law enforcement agencies function and offers common sense and innovative solutions to help law enforcement managers and supervisors improve the quality and efficiency of their programs and procedures.

The book was written by Bob Eddy, a former police officer, sheriff, Special Investigator for the Alabama State Attorney General’s Office and Chief Investigator for the Mobile (Alabama) Attorney’s Office. He provides you with many examples of the different types of cases on which he has worked. He’ll tell you how the crime was investigated, what was wrong with the way the case was handled and what could have been done to bring the investigation to a successful conclusion. You will also see why some cases continue to remain unsolved to this day.

Mr. Eddy’s ideas include simple solutions such as better communication between law enforcement agencies, personnel, prosecutors, judges, pardon and parole officers, to improving the expertise of your department through more education and training for officers. And yet, he understands the limitations faced by most managers which is why he suggests more complex solutions such as working with politicians for funding to make many of the necessary upgrades in technology and new strategies that are needed to combat the crimes being committed today.

The book includes the following chapters:
  • Investigative Problems: Why Are Education and Procedure Important?
  • Why Is Cooperation Within and Between Agencies Important in Solving Crimes?
  • White Collar Crime: A Growing Problem Seeking Justice 
  • Cases That Never Go To Trial: The Responsibilities of Investigators and Prosecutors 
  • Investigations of Corruption: Some Sources of the Problem 
  • Tainted Justice: Arrest of the Wrong Person 
  • Cold Cases: Why Do Cases Remain Unsolved? 
  • Political Chaos: Who Decides What We Need in Law Enforcement? 
  • The Judicial System 
  • The Probation/Parole and Corrections System
Bob Eddy began his career in law enforcement in 1967 as a deputy with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department in Huntsville, Alabama. In 1977, the governor appointed him as the Madison County Sheriff. From 1980 to his retirement in 1992, Mr. Eddy was the Chief Investigator for the Mobile District Attorney’s Office in Mobile, Alabama where he was the lead investigator for cold cases, supervised all investigations of violent and white collar crimes and worked with the FBI on high-profile cases. From 1996 to the present he has continued to be active as a private consultant to both police departments and the FBI.

Specifications: 233 pages; 8-1/2” x 11”; perfect bound, Publisher: IPTM (June 2007)

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