Damage Profiling & Physical Evidence: A Tutorial

Damage Profiling & Physical Evidence: A Tutorial

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Damage Profiling and Physical Evidence: A Tutorial
by Wiley L. Howell

IPTM's newest publication, Damage Profiling and Physical Evidence: A Tutorial, offers traffic crash investigators and reconstructionists a unique way to practice the skills necessary to become proficient in damage profiling. The booklet is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing pictures of real-life crash scenes designed to sharpen your observation skills.

The principle behind using the tutorial is simple. For each case, you are given information that you would normally receive as an investigator. Then, you look at a series of photos, make notes about what you observe and state your conclusion. Finally, you compare your notes to the actual findings provided by the author. Each case requires you to determine specific details by viewing only the damage that the photos show.

The author, Wiley Howell, is quick to point out that damage profiling of any crash will not yield results of determining speed at impact. Rather, it will help you determine whether or not the results of the formulas used in reconstructing the crash are accurate, based on the evidence at the scene. He wrote the tutorial to teach you how to become observant when looking at the evidence before you.

The cases in Damage Profiling and Physical Evidence: A Tutorial are as follows:

  1. Bus and skid marks
  2. Truck striking utility pole
  3. Vehicle with extensive damage
  4. Unknown striking vehicle
  5. Another unknown striking vehicle
  6. Colliding vehicles and speed
  7. Vehicle rollover
  8. Crash with other information provided
  9. Two colliding vehicles
  10. Determining fault in a car/tractor-trailer collision

Wiley Howell is a 24-year veteran of the Tampa (Florida) Police Department. After retirement, he established his own reconstruction business while teaching traffic crash courses at IPTM. Mr. Howell has been ruled an expert in both criminal and civil courts over several thousand times throughout his career as a police officer and in private enterprise.

Note: A photo program is needed to open and view the photos on the CD-ROM.

Specifications: 19 pages, 8-1/2”x11”, saddle stitched, 38 photos; Publisher: IPTM (January 2002)

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