Handbook for the Accident Reconstructionist

Handbook for the Accident Reconstructionist

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Handbook for the Accident Reconstructionist
by M.J. Lofgren

Mr. Lofgren consolidates many of the scientific techniques used in crash reconstruction and puts them together for you in one reference manual. He simplifies formulas, where possible, and explains the principles behind each. He also includes examples and works step-by-step through each problem.

If your math skills are a bit rusty, Mr. Lofgren includes a 104-page appendix devoted entirely to a course in refresher mathematics. From there, he delves into the equations used for determining speed, kinetic energy, weight shift and other aspects of crash reconstruction. As a bonus, he’ll tell you which formulas will come under scrutiny in court and which have already been tested.

Handbook for the Accident Reconstructionist includes the following chapters:

  • Geometric Construction
  • Minimum Speed from Skidmarks
  • Fall Speed
  • Derivation of the Vault Formula
  • Derivation of the Critical Speed Formula
  • Kinetic Energy Equation
  • Derivation of the Radius Equation
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Time-Distance Equations
  • Perspective Grid Photography
  • Conservation of Linear Momentum
  • Weight Shift
  • Miscellaneous Formulas

M.J. Lofgren is a consultant to various law enforcement agencies in several states as well as to insurance companies and law firms that require crash reconstruction for use in civil litigation. After serving 21 years with the Minnesota State Patrol, he now conducts seminars in crash investigation and reconstruction for police officers, judges, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, major corporations, motor fleet safety organizations and civic groups. He has investigated over 1,000 vehicle crashes and has tested vehicles ranging in size from mini-compacts to tractor-trailer rigs.

Specifications: 318 pages; 8½”x11”; perfect bound; Publisher: IPTM, 3rd Edition (1983)

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