Report Writing for Law Enforcement and Corrections

Report Writing for Law Enforcement and Corrections

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Report Writing for Law Enforcement and Corrections
by John Bowden

This book is a must for anyone who has ever struggled to write investigative reports. It provides a step-by-step process on how to write a report that ensures a perfect report the first time, every time and all the time. Since each report is “...a permanent written record which communicates important facts to be used in the future,” it is essential to write every report clearly and accurately.

The author, John Bowden, has created a method that will improve the skills of both beginner and veteran report writers and eliminate the time spent rewriting reports. Called the Time Line Model, this method can be applied to any situation that calls for an incident-type report and used effectively by anyone having basic grammar and rudimentary writing skills. 

Report Writing for Law Enforcement and Corrections includes the following chapters:

  • The Report and the Report Process (Why Take a Report?)
  • Reporting Procedures (What Are the Rules?)
  • Basic Elements of Report Writing
  • Grammar (Rules of the Road)
  • Gathering the Facts (The Investigative Process)
  • Report Structure (Basic Organization)
  • Chronological Order (The Time Line Model)
  • Writing the Report (From Notes to Report)
  • Review the Report (Checking Your Work)
  • Construction of a Report (Putting It Together)

The last chapter presents a case scenario which allows the reader to take on the role of an investigating officer and practice the skills presented in the text. 

In addition, the book includes seven appendices with topics ranging from language basics to the rules of listening to examples of police jargon and street slang.

The book is a compilation of Mr. Bowden’s teaching experiences over the last thirteen years. For other instructors of police report writing, this book will be ideal as a classroom textbook. 

Book Information: 222 pages; 8½”x11”; coil bound; Publisher: IPTM, 2nd Edition (September 2002)

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