Traffic Crash Scene Response: A Guide for the Field Officer

Traffic Crash Scene Response: A Guide for the Field Officer

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Traffic Crash Scene Response:
A Guide for the Field Officer

by Clifford A. Prosser

From the initial dispatch through the collection of evidence to the release of the crash scene, this systematic guide will help you determine what to do when you are responsible for the investigation of a collision.

 Mr. Prosser first provides you with a list of items that you will need to bring to each and every scene. From there, he explains why you need to start documenting information as soon as you receive the radio call, what to observe when arriving at the scene, and how to effectively manage and control your crash scene. You will also learn what questions to ask the driver and witnesses.

 To help you determine the evidence you need to collect, the author provides you with techniques to use when processing the vehicles and the scene. He includes several diagrams to show you how to mark a scene as well as methods to use for measuring the scene and associated tire marks. He’ll even explain how to photograph the scene to ensure that everything gets included.

 Although the booklet contains practical information for every crash scene, Mr. Prosser also includes special information that should be a part of reports for collisions involving pedestrians, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and rail crossings.

 Clifford A. Prosser served 14 years with the Birmingham (Alabama) Police Department and currently owns a traffic crash investigation and reconstruction company in Alabama. As a legal traffic crash investigator/reconstructionist, he has evaluated over 750 cases for individuals, private businesses, insurance companies and law firms and has given expert testimony in over 200 cases.

Specifications: 51 pages; 8-1/2”x11”; coil bound; Publisher: IPTM (April 2007)

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