A Format for Successful Accident Reconstruction Report Writing

A Format for Successful Accident Reconstruction Report Writing

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A Format for Successful Accident Reconstruction Report Writing 

by George L. Ruotolo

Mr. Ruotolo has developed a simple format that can be used by anyone who needs to write a crash investigation report. 

He starts by addressing the basics of report writing. Although some of the information may seem elementary, it is included as a reminder and referenced later in the booklet. He outlines the three basic types of reports that can utilize his framework and offers an explanation of each. 

The report format is then dissected and the contents and purpose of each of the eleven sections that comprise the entire report are described in detail. Regardless of which report type you are creating, Mr. Ruotolo explains what should and should not be included within each each section and why. A sample crash reconstruction report is included to enable you to see how the sections tie together in support of the ultimate conclusion. 

Mr. Ruotolo’s topical format approach, rather than chronological approach, to report writing will handle every traffic crash case logically and naturally. In fact, so versatile is this format, that it lends itself equally well to reports in certain other areas of police work, such as arson investigation. 

Mr. Ruotolo is retired from 21 years of service in New York State law enforcement and police training. From 1980 to 1985, he oversaw all police instructor certification for the State of New York. He is now a private consultant to law enforcement, the legal profession and insurance. His experience in courtroom testimony spans 12 years and he has provided expert testimony for the prosecution in criminal cases.

Specifications: 42 pages; 8½”x11”; coil bound; Publisher: IPTM (September 1993)

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