Advanced Techniques in Traffic Crash Investigation

Advanced Techniques in Traffic Crash Investigation

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Advanced Techniques in Traffic Crash Investigation
By David Brill

Any traffic crash gives you the opportunity to apply a multitude of complex formulas to determine exactly what happened. And although the variables surrounding each crash scene may be numerous, you need to be able to thoroughly analyze the data to reach an accurate conclusion. 

IPTM's Advanced Techniques in Traffic Crash Investigation manual was written to help you further your knowledge in the field of crash investigation. The author, David Brill, wastes no time in delving into topics such as vehicle dynamics, energy, collinear momentum and much more. Numerous pictures, diagrams, charts, and formulas accompany the examples, which are worked out in both imperial and metric measurements, to help enhance your crash investigation skills.

Previously used in our Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation course, this manual is an excellent resource if you wish to reacquaint yourself with the advanced skills to investigate collisions, or if you wish to prepare yourself to take IPTM's Traffic Crash Reconstruction course.

The topics covered in the manual are listed below:

  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Energy
  • Tire and Lamp Analysis
  • Lamps
  • Time-Distance
  • Mathematics
  • Vectors
  • Collinear Momentum
  • Airbornes

David Brill is a twenty-one year veteran of law enforcement and draws on his experience as a former traffic crash investigator for the Florida Highway Patrol. In this book, he has been assisted by Tony Becker, Nate Shigemura and Bill Wright – all experienced crash reconstructionists who are now active as traffic crash consultants – to bring you the most up-to-date information available on crash investigation. 

Specifications: 333 pages; 8½”x11”; coil bound; Publisher: IPTM (September 2004)

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