Anatomy of the Collision - 3rd Edition

Anatomy of the Collision - 3rd Edition

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Anatomy of the Collision:
Energy, Momentum, Restitution and the Reconstructionist

3rd Edition - revised and expanded

by George M. Bonnett, JD

IPTM has recently published the 3rd edition of George Bonnett’sAnatomy of a Collision, first introduced in 1999. The author revised the manual in 2007 by added chapters dealing with stiffness coefficients, the problem with turns, the problem with constants, beyond Crash3, and understanding delta V from damage. He has expanded the text once again to include chapters focusing on pedestrian vaults, basic photogrammetry and the myths and misconceptions associated with momentum.

The basis of the book – the 8 collisions having a total of 44 variants – is retained from the original work. They are each examined in detail with respect to energy, restitution, momentum and damage. The in-depth analysis using different approach and departure angles, different speeds and weights, and different restitution values provides you with a critical look at how momentum, energy and restitution influence the mechanics of a collision.

Since the material covered aggressively deals with the hard questions that plague all reconstructionists, you will still be able to find the examination of formulas for both restitution and energy from translational and rotational motion, a discussion of delta V from damage, secondary slap, coefficients of lift and drag, rotation, inertia, uniform circular motion and the calculation of PDOF angles.

George Bonnett is a combat-proven Marine Corps aviator turned police officer, turned attorney, turned crash reconstructionist, turned software developer (REC-TEC). For George, survival and success have always depended on resourcefulness and minute attention to detail. You will find these qualities very much alive in this 2007 edition.

Specifications: 380 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", coil bound; Publisher: IPTM, 3rd Edition (April 2006)

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