Bombs: Defusing the Threat

Bombs: Defusing the Threat

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Bombs:  Defusing the Threat
by William J. Borbidge III

Bomb. In today’s society, that word gains attention like no other. Just the threat of such a device can be disasterous if you are not prepared. But what is the correct response to a bomb threat?

Bombs-Defusing the Threat provides the specific steps that should be taken when any organization, regardless of size, receives a bomb threat. The author stresses the importance of taking the threat seriously and of the liability that can result if a decision is made to ignore the threat.

Mr. Borbidge begins by telling you how to handle the receipt of the threat. He even provides a Bomb Threat Checklist that can be photocopied and placed near every telephone in your organization. He explains the importance of having a Bomb Threat Response Plan and provides all the information you need to set up a command center, including the selection of personnel, locations and equipment that may be necessary.

The author devotes chapters to both searching methods and evacuation procedures in order to ensure the safety of all employees. In addition, he describes security measures you can take to prevent a person from planting a bomb, or at the very least, making it very difficult.

The book contains the following chapters:

  • Receiving the Threat
  • Responding to the Threat
  • Searching
  • Evacuating
  • Bombs in the Mail
  • Improving Physical Security
  • After the Bomb, Disaster Recovery

This manual is a must for those in private industry, government, education, law enforcement and any others who are involved in the safety and security of employees and buildings.

William J. Borbidge III has been a police officer with the Philadelphia Police Department since 1981. He has been with the department’s Bomb Disposal Unit since 1986. He is a second-generation bomb technician and has received training from the FBI and the U.S. Army’s Hazardous Devices School as well as investigation training from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service. During his years with the Philadelphia Bomb Squad, Officer Borbidge responded to over 700 bomb-related assignments.

Specifications: 125 pages; 8½”x11”; perfect bound; Publisher: IPTM (1999)