aeroBlitz Aircrash Investigation Templates (Complete Set of 10)

aeroBlitz Aircrash Investigation Templates (Complete Set of 10)

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AeroBlitz Aircrash Investigation Templates
Complete Set of 10

designed by R.W. Rivers

IPTM is pleased to offer the latest addition to our “blitz” series of templates. The new aeroBlitz Aircrash Investigation Templates, designed by R.W. Rivers, will assist you in making sketches or diagrams at an air crash scene when you need to show positions of the aircraft involved, damage to the aircraft, locations of victims and other evidence.

The aeroBlitz templates work in a series. A Master Template (No. 1) contains non-scale cut-outs of items that can be used at any crash scene, including landscape features, debris, aircraft parts, luggage, body parts and nearly every conceivable item, other than the aircraft themselves, that may be needed in a sketch. This template comes with an instruction booklet that applies to the entire set.

The other nine templates contain the front, top and side silhouette cut-outs of specific aircraft in two scales, one reduced from the other by fifty percent. Most of these templates can also be used to make non-scale drawings of aircraft similar in design to the one selected.

The types and models of aircraft for templates 2 through 10 are listed below:

  • No. 2 Single-propeller, low-wing civilian pleasure and executive aircraft (Beechcraft Bonanza 33/35/36)
  • No. 3 Single-propeller, high-wing pleasure and executive aircraft (Cessna 210 Centurion)
  • No. 4 Twin-propeller, low-wing pleasure and executive aircraft (Cessna Titan)
  • No. 5 Twin-jet executive and commercial aircraft (Learjet 35/36)
  • No. 6 Large commercial jet aircraft with swept wings and underwing engines (Boeing 747)
  • No. 7 Large commercial jet aircraft with swept wings and rear side-mounted engines (McDonnell Douglas DC-9)
  • No. 8 Large commercial jet aircraft with swept wings and underwing engines (Airbus A310 B different silhouette configuration than Boeing 747)
  • No. 9 Light-duty, single-rotor helicopter (Bell 206 JetRanger)
  • No.10 Military jet fighter/bomber aircraft (McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle)

Specifications: All templates include both Imperial and metric measurements, are constructed of flexible, yet extremely durable blue plastic and fit easily in a 3-ring binder. The Master Template measures 10¼” x 7½” and Templates 2 through 10 each measure 10”x5”.

For Canadian orders, contact the Pacific Traffic Education Center (PTEC) at (604) 528-5807.