Energy, Momentum and the Chaos of Time

Energy, Momentum and the Chaos of Time

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Energy, Momentum and the Chaos of Time
by George M. Bonnett, JD

Analyzing a collision can be a cumbersome task. Reconstructionists often use computer simulation programs to help them determine exactly what happened. In his most recent article, Energy, Momentum and the Chaos of Time, George Bonnett, takes a critical look at a couple of these programs, including SMAC and PC-CRASH.

In the Foreword, forensic physicist Mike Andrews, Ph.D. writes, “[the author] discusses several issues that plague the use of simulation in reconstruction. Because simulations are time dependent, making even simple things happen ‘correctly’ can be difficult. In addition, simulation programs require a number of parameters that have had very little scrutiny by the reconstruction community.

Mr. Bonnett provides you with a brief history of why these computer programs were developed and then explains the inherent weaknesses of them. He even offers possible solutions for dealing with those programs which base their computations on time, rather than actual measurements.

George Bonnett is a combat proven Marine Corps aviator turned police officer turned attorney turned crash reconstructionist turned software developer and author (REC-TEC). His whole life has depended on minute attention to detail.


Specifications: 19 pages; 8½”x11; saddle stitched; Publisher: IPTM (April 2007)

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