Law Enforcement Field Training Application

Law Enforcement Field Training Application

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This premier FTO tracking software, which is based upon the “San Jose Model,” allows your agency to monitor the field performance of new law enforcement employees during their Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) and their Post-FTO Program probationary period. LEFTA® field training software gives you the ability to monitor a trainee’s performance in real time and to modify training according to your trainee’s progress. And, this automated FTO Program will grow with your agency because you are able to easily update and customize your department’s applications when needed.

The LEFTA® field training software can be customized to meet the specific needs of any agency using an FTO Program. A few examples of how this software can be customized for an agency include: patrol, corrections, telecommunications, the new sergeant’s FTO program, the new detective’s FTO program, probation and parole, wildlife officer, court security, airport police, private security firms, EMS and fire service.

The capabilities of this automated FTO Program software include:

    • Paperless record-keeping and tracking with the capability of printing records as you need them
    • An electronic signature process
    • Scheduling Field Training Officers with trainees
    • E-mail notifications
    • The ability to attach video, audio, photo and document files to a trainee’s FTO Program portfolio
    • You can create and update the reporting content when your FTO program needs to be modified:
      • Recruit Training Check List / Task List
      • Daily Observation Report (DOR) content and evaluation categories
      • Standardized Evaluation Guidelines (SEGs)
    • You can review statistical information and track trends over time related to:
      • Trainee performance
      • FTO training consistency
      • The overall functioning of your FTO Program
    • You can track and assess each trainee’s:
      • Daily performance
      • Safety violations
      • Remedial training
      • Types of calls handled

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