Linear Momentum and Vector Sum Analysis Made Simple

Linear Momentum and Vector Sum Analysis Made Simple

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Linear Momentum and Vector Sum Analysis
Made Simple

by Wiley L. Howell

Wiley Howell knows the importance of keeping linear momentum equations simple for a jury. He wrote this book to help you make linear momentum equations simple and to introduce you to a less time consuming way to do vector analysis as a check on the accuracy of the answers obtained from using those equations.

He starts with the general Linear Momentum Equation and, using the 360-degree method of angle measurement, shows how it can be modified to give you the equations needed to determine the impact speeds of vehicles in any kind of collision: head-on, rear-end, right angle and acute angle. He also provides a handy vector-diagram check on the accuracy of your speed calculations.

Sections include:

  • Right Angle Collisions
  • Angle Collisions
  • Angle Collision with Multiple Departing Sections
  • In-line Collisions
  • Vector Sum Analysis

This book is recommended to anyone who must testify in a court case where speed has been determined by linear momentum.

Wiley Howell is a 24-year veteran of the Tampa (Florida) Police Department. After retirement, Mr. Howell established his own reconstruction business while teaching traffic crash courses at IPTM. He has been ruled an expert in both criminal and civil courts over several thousand times throughout his career as a police officer and in private enterprise.

Specifications: 29 pages; 8½”x11”; saddle stitched; 14 figures and diagrams; Publisher: IPTM (1997)

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