Manager’s Guide to Alternative Work Schedules

Manager’s Guide to Alternative Work Schedules

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Manager's Guide to Alternative Work Schedules
by W. L. Booth

In these times of shrinking budgets and limited manpower, it is important to utilize the available manpower efficiently. It is also necessary to schedule resources to adequately respond to peak levels of activity...all while keeping a handle on overtime costs.

This book has been written for managers who need a quick and easy method of establishing alternative work schedules to maximize the effectiveness of their agencies or businesses. It eliminates the complicated theory and nearly impossible statistical formulas used when typically designing alternative work schedules.

The author presents twenty-one different options covering eight, nine, ten, eleven and twelve hour work days and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each. To assist you in choosing a schedule that is right for your agency, the author includes a Table of Statistical Characteristics that provides data such as the number of weekends off an employee receives with a given schedule, the amount of compensatory time earned annually for each employee and possible shift hours. Also included is a narrative that compares that particular schedule with other schedules.

This manual equates to a large staff study on alternative work schedules. Your agency will save days, even weeks, developing possible schedules by simply using the sample schedules that are already included in the book. As an added bonus, a package of the basic schedules will be shipped with your order for you to use and/or copy as needed.

And don’t forget the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act when designing an alternative work schedule. This manual includes the information you will need to evaluate a work schedule that is in compliance with the F.L.S.A.

Alternative Work Schedules consists of the following chapters:

  • Dynamics of Alternative Work Schedules
  • Eight Hour Workday Schedules
  • Nine Hour Workday Schedules
  • Ten Hour Workday Schedules
  • Eleven Hour Workday Schedules
  • Twelve Hour Workday Schedules

Specifications: 267 pages; 8½”x11”; perfect bound; Publisher: IPTM, 2nd Edition (1989)