Managing Employee Training Records

Managing Employee Training Records

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Are your employee training records scattered throughout the agency? When you need to know if an employee's firearms qualification is up-to-date, do you find yourself checking multiple locations because you are not sure where the hard copy or computer records are? Are they in the Patrol Division, HR, Training Section or the Range Master’s office? If you are experiencing this challenge, our METR® training documentation software is the answer to your dilemma. METR®, our “Managing Employee Training Records” application, will bring all of your employee training records, from throughout your agency, into one software application and allow you to access them with the click of a mouse. No more sending e-mails, making phone calls or running from office-to-office looking for records.

The capabilities of this specialized training management software include:

  • The ability to track records for all personnel, sworn and non-sworn
  • You can create records and tracking for:
    • In-service training
    • Firearms qualifications
    • OC training
    • Impact weapon training
    • Defensive tactics training
    • Mandatory state-required training
    • In-house examinations
  • Employees can view their own training records
  • The ability to receive notifications when employee certifications are about to expire
  • You can attach files to individual employee records:
    • Video
    • Audio
    • Photographs
    • Document files
    • Certification files
  • When you create an in-house training class, your employees will be able to sign up using our on-line enrolment feature

If you have both the LEFTA® and METR® training software packages, your agency will be able to fully automate your employee training records, from the time they enter the FTO Program, all the way through to their separation-from-service, or retirement, date.

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