Managing Law Enforcement Change

Managing Law Enforcement Change: A Guidebook to Case Studies

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Managing Law Enforcement Change:
A Guidebook to Case Studies

by Marita V. Malone, Ph.D.

Unfortunately, many leaders deny the need for organizational changes until a major catastrophe - such as 9/11 or the Waco, Texas conflagration - throws their agency into an upheaval. Managing Law Enforcement Change: A Guidebook to Case Studies, will help you manage both small and large-scale changes to your organization. It specifically focuses on today’s law enforcement environment and is full of useful change theories and courses of action.

The author, Dr. Marita Malone, discusses the change process in detail. She begins by giving you compelling reasons for change and explores the styles of thinking that help and hinder the process. She then presents you with ways to devise a workable solution between the current dissatisfying state and the future ideal state. And since all change involves the human element, Dr. Malone discusses ways to overcome and reduce the resistance to the change process.

Although primarily directed at the executive and mid-management levels of law enforcement, the book will serve as a guide to criminal justice students, change managers and agents, as well as command staff, ranked officers and external contractors tasked with implementing change initiatives.

Dr. Malone has organized the book into the following chapters:
  1 – Confronting the Forces of Change
  2 – Strategically Thinking and Planning
  3 – Understanding the Change Process
  4 – Diagnosis the Problem
  5 – Gaining Commitment
  6 – Reducing Resistance
  7 – Getting the Desired Change
  8 – Choosing the Best Plan of Action
  9 – Evaluating the Outcomes
10 – A Change Plan: Case Study

About the author: Marita Malone, Ph.D. is a retired Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). For eight years she was an instructor and program manager at the FBI National Academy, where she taught management and leadership to supervisors, managers and executives in law enforcement agencies worldwide. As a Special Agent, she also facilitated change in numerous police departments and a few federal agencies. Currently, Dr. Malone is the Chair of the Criminal Justice and Security Management Program at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Specifications: 372 pages; 7”x10”; perfect bound; Publisher: IPTM (August 2010)

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