Momentum: Myths and Misconceptions

Momentum: Myths and Misconceptions

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Momentum: Myths and Misconceptions
by George M. Bonnett, JD

In this article, George Bonnett sets out to show you why ten of the most common misconceptions surrounding the use of linear momentum are nothing more than urban legends.

For the purposes of the article, the author focuses on the diagramming of two-vehicle collisions in respect to energy and momentum as well as the transfer of momentum that occurs over the brief time the vehicles may be in contact with one another and undergo reorientation.

Mr. Bonnett explains why each of the different aspects of momentum listed below are myths and, when necessary, provides diagrams for your reference.

The book’s nine chapters are as follows:

  • 360 Linear momentum and angular momentum
  • 10:1 Mass ration and friction
  • Cone of departure
  • Vehicles exiting in same quadrant
  • Departure angle
  • Collision phase
  • Restitution phase
  • Collision interface and centroid of damage
  • Transfer of momentum
  • Entrapment

George Bonnett is a combat proven Marine Corps aviator turned police officer turned attorney turned crash reconstructionist turned software developer and author (REC-TEC). His whole life has depended on minute attention to detail. In this article, he gives you the benefit of his years of experience.

Specifications: 13 pages; 8½”x11; saddle stitched; Publisher: IPTM (October 2006)  


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