nautiBlitz marine template

nautiBlitz Marine Template

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nautiBlitz Marine Template
designed by R.W. Rivers

IPTM’s nautiBlitz Marine Template is a versatile aid to drawing scale diagrams of marine crashes. The template will enable you to render nearly any type, shape and size vessel-from a canoe to a tanker-with cutouts showing a top or side view.

The nautiBlitz template includes cut-outs of the following:

  • boat superstructures
  • sails
  • rudders
  • outboard motors
  • airplanes
  • vehicles
  • boat trailers
  • jet skis
  • water skiers
  • swimmers
  • people
  • whales
  • manatee
  • waves
  • signs
  • buoys
  • bridge fenders
  • radar obstructions
  • directional arrows
  • circles
  • squares
  • rectangles

Features of the template include:

  • Straight-edge distance scales in both feet and meters
  • 90-degree protractor
  • Compass rose
  • 8”x10½” size that fits easily in a standard 3-ring binder
  • Instruction card explaining symbols and use of the template

Designed by R.W. Rivers, this quality instrument promises to do for marine crash investigation what the popular blueBlitz has done for motor vehicle crash investigation.

For all Canadian template orders, contact Justice Institute of BC, Driver Education Centre at (604) 528-5891.

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