Photographing Vehicles for Litigation - 2nd Edition

Photographing Vehicles for Litigation - 2nd Edition

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Photographing Vehicles for Litigation
2nd Edition - 2015
by Jack Murray, CLI, CFE

Whether dealing with civil or criminal cases involving motor vehicle accidents, good photographs are critical to preserving evidence.

This book describes how to obtain the proper photographs of a vehicle that has been involved in a collision. It discusses proper angles from which to take the picture, important evidence to document, lighting and special considerations, and the types of equipment to use to get a high quality photograph.

An excellent source of information for police, private investigators, attorneys and insurance claims adjustors, this book contains many procedures and tips that are useful in crash photography regardless of whether the photo is shown in court or not.

Originally published by IPTM in 1997, this updated version contains a newly added section on photographing commercial vehicles.

The book includes chapters on the following:

  • Exterior Photos
  • Interior Photos
  • Bumpers
  • Trace Evidence
  • Courtroom Presentation
  • Equipment
  • Photographing Commercial Vehicles
  • Resources

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: J.W. "Jack" Murray has investigated and/or reconstructed motor vehicle accidents for over 35 years. This book is his second for IPTM. Additionally, he has published 8 other books in the field of accident investigation and/or reconstruction. Murray conducts trial work as an expert in both civil and criminal motor vehicle cases. He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy Prep School, attended Villanova University and has an MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Specifications: 60 pages; 8½”x11”; coil bound; Publisher: IPTM (2015)

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