Rapid Fire Crash Investigation According to the IBF Protocol

Rapid Fire Crash Investigation According to the IBF Protocol

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Rapid Fire Crash Investigation According to the IBF Protocol
by Stanley S. Bezuidenhout

This manual is essentially a recipe for the proper and detailed investigation of crash scenes—whether you are a private citizen, law enforcement officer, or dedicated crash investigator. Developed over 14 years in one of the most challenging environments imaginable and shaped by extreme time pressures, Rapid-Fire Crash Investigation According to the IBF Protocol is designed to ensure that you cover all aspects of evidence at crash scenes. Doing this with specific consideration for the volatile, short-term, and long-term evidence that may be present is the core value of this manual. Built upon the premise that you cannot know what aspects or factors in a crash would be relevant or focal in a court case later, the author walks you through every aspect of the crash investigation that could be. 

While it covers a lot more, the IBF Protocol is essentially a highly detailed 124-point protocol developed by the author after his own experiences at literally thousands of crash scenes in Africa, the Middle East, the United States, and Canada. After providing training to thousands of law enforcement officers, traffic enforcement officials, private investigators, commercial fleet owners, and members of the public, the author has combined all his experiences at scenes, in court, and with students into this one manual. 

About the Author:

Stanley Bezuidenhout is an internationally experienced crash investigator, crime scene analyst, court expert, author, trainer, and public speaker. He has committed more than 20 years of his extensive career to crash investigation and expert services in many countries, including the SADC Region of Africa, the Middle East, the United States of America  and Canada. As a Military Intelligence Veteran, a former Specialist Reservist in the South African Police, and as the owner of a private crash investigation and reconstruction business, Mr. Bezuidenhout has extensive experience at live scenes and in courts at all levels. He remains active in the crime and crash investigation, reconstruction, and expert witness industry.

251 pages; 8½”x11”; coil bound; Publisher: IPTM, 1st Printing (June 2021)

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