Seat Belt and Air Bag Systems Manual For Traffic Crash Investigation and Reconstruction

Seat Belt and Air Bag Systems Manual For Traffic Crash Investigation and Reconstruction

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Seat Belt and Air Bag Systems Manual
For Traffic Crash Investigation and Reconstruction

by R. W. Rivers

IPTM is pleased to announce this new publication that takes a comprehensive approach to determining a motorist’s safety restraint status at the time of the collision.

The author, R. W. Rivers begins by explaining the physics involved in a crash situation. He uses diagrams to illustrate how occupants are expected to move both with and without the use of safety belts and the physical evidence that can be obtained to reveal who was driving. He then discusses the significant role that injuries play in determining whether safety belts were used. A listing of injury categories as well as definitions and explanations of the types of injuries most likely to occur during a collision is also included.

Mr. Rivers continues by classifying the three types of seat belts and discussing their individual components. He provides technical information on the entire restraint system, including the floor anchor assembly, the pillar assembly, the internal seat belt, the webbing material and the buckle. Numerous photographs are included to show you how the belts should look under normal wear and the marks that should be apparent after a collision.

Lastly, Mr. Rivers defines the different types of air bags and the mechanics involved in their deployment. He explains what injuries can be attributed to the inflation of the bag as well as the added precautions investigators should take when examining an air bag that did not deploy during the crash.

The book contains the following chapters:

  • Seat Belt and Air Bag Safety Systems
  • Contact Points
  • Injuries
  • Seat Belts
  • Air Bags

This manual will be invaluable to police officers, crash investigators, reconstructionists, private investigators, trial attorneys and insurance adjustors as well as those involved in laboratory vehicle safety restraint analysis.

R. W. Rivers is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on traffic crash investigation and reconstruction. He retired in 1985 as Officer-in-Charge of the Traffic Branch in the Province of British Columbia where he was employed extensively in general police work, highway patrol, crash investigation, planning and research, and training and development. Mr. Rivers is the author of several internationally acclaimed textbooks.

Specifications: 106 pages; 8½” x 11"; coil bound; 33 diagrams; 38 photographs; 4 tables; website list and index; Publisher: IPTM (August 2001)

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