The Investigator’s Guide to Tire Failures

The Investigator’s Guide to Tire Failures

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The Investigator’s Guide to Tire Failures
by R. J. Grogan

In light of the recent publicity given to tire failures and the surrounding litigation, this book will assist reconstructionists, private investigators and trial attorneys in determining whether the failure was the cause of, or a result of, a crash.

The first officer on the scene may have noted: “Driver said the left rear tire blew out and caused him to swerve into the oncoming traffic lane.” But what caused the tire to fail at that crucial moment? Road hazard? Excessive road wear? Improper use of tire? Improper repair of a flat? Driver abuse? Tire defect?

The savvy investigator may look into these matters, but it is imperative for the reconstructionist to do so. The reconstructionist must know how to examine the tire and the adjacent parts of the vehicle for evidence, if present, that would pinpoint the cause of the failure.

To assist you in this task, forensic tire expert Rex Grogan updated his unique guide for the investigator in 1999. The following is just a few of the chapters included in his book:

  • Introduction to Tire Markings
  • Tire Construction and Manufacturing Methods
  • How a Tire Works
  • Basic Examination Techniques
  • Tire Photography
  • Penetrations and Punctures
  • Impacts
  • Fatigue or Casing Break Up
  • Cuts, Scores and Abrasions
  • Adhesion Defects
  • Tread and Belt Separations
  • Broken Beads

In addition, the author includes Load and Speed Codes; Temperature, Tread wear and Traction Codes; ECE Type Approval Codes; a Tire Investigation Form and a Car Tire Markings Chart.

Rex Grogran spent 32 years with Dunlop, Ltd. of the United Kindgom as a Specialist in the investigation of tire failures and the assessment of the legal implications. Now retired, he is an independent tire consultant and his testimony as an expert witness is constantly sought in courtrooms today.

Specifications: 273 pages; 6”x8½”; perfect bound; 75 photos (4 color); 26 drawings; 7 charts and an index; Publisher: IPTM, (1999)

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