The Young Driver's Primer: Know Your Limitations

The Young Driver's Primer: Know Your Limitations

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The Young Driver’s Primer: Know Your Limitations
by Clifford A. Prosser

In this IPTM booklet, Clifford Prosser sets out “…to make you familiar and more comfortable with what you and your vehicle can and cannot do.” He uses a straight forward approach as he illustrates how death and life-long injuries can occur in a split second when you are behind the wheel.

To accomplish this task, he first examines the laws of physics and explains how you and your vehicle have no choice but to obey these laws. As it is impossible to react to a situation and stop instantly, he then shows you how far your vehicle will travel during the perception, response and braking stages. He continues by revealing how it is the sudden change of speed, not the actual speed, which causes most injuries and deaths.

Finally, Mr. Prosser discusses the dangers of driving while drinking and/or drugging, using cell phones, speeding and not wearing your safety belt. He draws on his personal experiences to emphasize these points. He also includes a few practical formulas you can use to answer questions such as how far a vehicle travels every second and how far a vehicle will travel before a potential situation can be avoided.

Sections in the booklet include:
  1 – It Can Happen to You…or Me
  2 – You and Your Vehicle Must Obey the Laws of Physics
  3 – You Cannot Stop Your Vehicle Instantly
  4 – Speed Kills…or Does It?
  5 – Always Have a Plan B
  6 – Be Alert…Be Aware…Identify Potential Problems Early
  7 – Momentum
  8 – Drinking or Drugging + Driving = Dying
  9 – Practical Formulas
10 – About the Hot Mustang
11 – Safety Concerns

Clifford Prosser served with the Birmingham (Alabama) Police Department from 1972 to 1986 where he investigated more than 3000 traffic crashes at the scene. As a reconstructionist, he has evaluated over 750 cases from individuals, private businesses, insurance companies and law firms and has given expert testimony in courtrooms or depositions in over 200 cases.

Specifications: 39 pages; 8-1/2”x11”; saddle-stitched, Publisher: IPTM (August 2009)

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