Tire/Rim Failure Analysis

Tire/Rim Failure Analysis

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Tire/Rim Failure Analysis
by Morris D. Smith

An understanding of how a tire is made is crucial to understanding why it failed. In this manual, Morris Smith gives you a solid foundation for analyzing tires and rims on both automobile and commercial vehicles for evidence of defects.

He begins by describing the entire manufacturing process and lists ways that process can go wrong. Then, he gives you step-by-step instructions on how to photograph a tire which has failed. He offers explanations of the reasons tires fail – such as under inflation, nail holes, impact failures, etc. – and you’ll learn which items to rule out before analyzing tires for manufacturing problems. You will find a variety of photos which illustrate different manufacturing defects as well as tires that were improperly repaired.

In an effort to address the real and frequent problem from tire fires on commercial vehicles, Mr. Smith dedicates a segment of the book specifically to these tires and rims. You’ll learn why working on tire assemblies and three-piece rims can be dangerous and the importance of having only qualified technicians perform any type of service. In addition, he addresses multiple reasons for heat buildup in tires and how thorough pre-trip inspections can be instrumental in preventing these occurrences.

The manual, which also includes a list of industry terms and their definitions, will give attorneys, crash reconstructionists, investigating officers and others a better understanding of tire/rim failure analysis and will help you determine whether or not a tire involved in a crash should be held as evidence.

The chapters include:
  • Basic Understanding of How a Tire is Made
  • Photography, Documenting Markings and Measuring Tread Depth
  • Impact Failures, Nail Holes, Tires Run Underinflated Failures and Rim Damage Caused from Wrecks
  • Photos of Manufacture Defects
  • Tire Repair Failures
  • Commercial Vehicle Tire/Rim Failures
  • Commercial Vehicle Tire Fires

About the author: Morris Denson Smith is the son of the late Bobby Denson Smith, who started the company Smith-Alsobrook & Associates in 1977, and at the time of his death was a leading Tire Consultant. Morris, who graduated from Auburn University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science, is a tire forensics expert and has run Smith-Alsobrook & Associates since December 1992.

Specifications: 51 pages; 5.5”x8.5"; saddle stitch; 27 photos; Publisher: IPTM, (2012); 2nd Edition

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