Trailer Underride: Conspicuity, Human Factors and Rear Bumpers

Trailer Underride: Conspicuity, Human Factors and Rear Bumpers

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Trailer Underride:
Conspicuity, Human Factors, and Rear Bumpers

by Joseph E. Badger

This manual puts everything you need to know about trailer underrides in one location. Not only will you find diagrams and photos that describe and illustrate situations in which underride collisions typically occur, you will also find the encouraging results of better trailer visibility now required by law.

In this revised 1998 edition of Trailer Underride: Conspicuity, Human Factors, and Rear Bumpers, Joseph Badger explains why most underride crashes occur at night and how these crashes frequently result from the motorist’s failure to perceive - until too late - the nature of the object blocking the path, such as a trailer angled across the motorist’s lane of travel (resulting in a side underride) or the motorist’s failure to gauge the distance to the back of a slow-moving rig traveling in the same lane (resulting in a rear underride).

The author also discusses the preventive measures that have been effective in either preventing these collisions or in reducing their severity - such as better conspicuity of tractor-trailer rigs, better training for both truck drivers and motorists in respect to nighttime visibility and underride crashes, better training of law enforcement officers who may be called to the scene of an underride crash and the installation of better underride guards on trailers. In addition, Mr. Badger addresses the countermeasures that have been tried and failed.

Joseph Badger is a nationally known expert in the field of crash reconstruction. He retired from the Indiana State Police after 20 years, during which he spent the last 10 as the senior crash reconstructionist. He is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) and is a member of several reconstruction organizations. He currently maintains a private consulting business.

Specifications: 73 pages; 8½”x11”; coil bound; Publisher: IPTM, Revised Edition (1998)

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