Understanding Delta V from Damage

Understanding Delta V from Damage

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Understanding Delta V from Damage
by George M. Bonnett, JD

"Voodoo Physics,” "Black Magic,” "Sorcery,” "Wizardry,” and "Witchcraft" are just some of the terms of endearment that have been applied to the determination of speed from damage. The calculation of speed change, or Delta V, from damage has been shrouded in mystery for many reconstructionists. How is it done? Why is it done? How does it work? IPTM’s article, Understanding Delta V from Damage, written by George Bonnett, may help solve this mystery for you.

The author begins by discussing the limitations and attributes of the Crash3 damage analysis method of determining Delta V. He then provides you with each of the 16 steps required to determine Delta V. Mr. Bonnett also includes three different methods of determining the critical centroid of damage. The errors in two popular and published methodologies are explored and examined using both mathematics and computer graphics.

In addition to discussing and graphically proving a new method for using both equidistant and non-equidistant “C” measurements, the author shows you the computer algorithm used for the computations including centroid of damage. This method removes the mystery surrounding the determination of Delta V from damage so you can see why crush analysis can be a useful tool when investigating a collision.

George Bonnett is a combat proven Marine Corps aviator turned police officer turned attorney turned crash reconstructionist turned software developer and author (REC-TEC). His whole life has depended on minute attention to detail. In this article, he gives you the benefit of his years of experience.

Specifications: 22 pages; 8½”x11"; saddle stitched; Publisher: IPTM (August 2005)

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