Use of Force Documentation and Reporting Systems

Use of Force Documentation and Reporting Systems

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Collecting data, tracking and documenting “use of force” or “response to resistance” situations has always been a challenge for law enforcement agencies. This innovative new “use of force” software application, also referred to as “response to resistance” software, solves all of these problems for you. SHIELD® is a web-based document management software application that allows your officers to write “use of force” reports in the field and submit them instantly to their supervisor. After reading the field reports, supervisors provide their electronic signature and quickly forward the reports to the chain-of-command for review.

SHIELD® gives you the ability to create your own agency’s report templates. Once you have created a report template, and begin entering incoming data from your officers in the field, you will be able to generate statistical reports within minutes. Imagine, using the convenience and speed of this software, being able to respond to public records and media requests almost instantly.

The capabilities of the SHIELD® software include:

  • The ability to track and assess your agency’s “use of force” incidents
  • Over 100 different types of statistics can be captured, such as:
    • The type of force used
    • Biographical information of officers
    • Biographical information of suspects
    • Incident demographics
  • This software allows you to use your own agency’s “use of force” continuum
  • You can create report templates customized to fit your own agency’s reporting needs
  • An electronic signature process
  • Instant E-Mail notifications
  • Paperless record-keeping with the ability to print records as you need them
  • The ability to e-mail statistical reports
  • These are just a few of the types of files that you can attach:
    • Video, audio and photographs
    • Documents
    • Witness statements
  • This highly specialized software has even more capabilities than just those listed here

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