Vehicle-Pedestrian-Bicycle Collision Investigation Manual - REVISED 2003 EDITION

Vehicle-Pedestrian-Bicycle Collision Investigation Manual - REVISED 2003 EDITION

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Vehicle - Pedestrian - Bicycle
Collision Investigation Manual

By Tony L. Becker

(previous work titled Vehicle - Pedestrian Collision Investigation)

This manual is a must for the on-scene investigator, crash reconstructionist or private investigator involved in determining the cause and blame of any crash involving a vehicle and a pedestrian or bicyclist. 

Amply illustrated with photographs, charts and diagrams, IPTM's Vehicle-Pedestrian-Bicycle Collision Investigation Manual, written by Tony Becker, will provide you with the information you need to know about pedestrian dynamics as well as the proper steps to take to conduct an on-scene or follow-up investigation of the collision site. To demonstrate his techniques in crash reconstruction, the author includes one of his own case reports of an actual incident involving a pedestrian and vehicle. 

Now in it's second edition, you will still find the procedures for documenting evidence and making a collision analysis as well as the special considerations of steps and procedures needed for handling nighttime collisions. Yet you will also discover an entire chapter devoted to the special considerations that must be given to crashes involving bicycles.

All this information is contained within the following chapters:

  • On-Scene Investigation
  • The Pedestrian-Bicyclist
  • The Vehicle
  • The Analysis
  • Bicycle Crash Investigation
  • Appendix 1 (Profile and Data Sheets)
  • Appendix 2 (Sample Report)

In addition, the author has included 12 different forms which may be reproduced as needed: Data Sheets for Vehicle Contact, Pedestrian/Vehicle, Pedestrian/Truck, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Injury; Vehicle Collision Contact Sheet; Deformation Profile Sheet; Bicycle-Vehicle Crash Investigation, Collision Scene Field Measurements; and both Objective and Subjective Nighttime Visibility Measurement forms.

Tony Becker has over 25 years of law enforcement experience, the last 10 of these as a certified death investigator for the McLean County, Illinois, Coroner's Office. He currently works as a private law enforcement trainer and traffic reconstruction consultant.

Manual specifications: 122 pages; 8½x11"; coil bound; glossary of medical terms; formulas are in both imperial and metric measurements. Publisher: IPTM, 2nd Edition (November 2003)

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