360 Degree Counter Clockwise Protractor

360 Degree Counter Clockwise Protractor

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360-Degree Counter Clockwise Protractor

For years, conservation of linear momentum was taught using the four (4) quadrant system. To handle all possible occurrences, four (4) formulas were required. IPTM has come to the rescue by making available its 360-Degree Protractor for calculations in both left and right-hand Cartesian systems.

Our new and improved protractor makes it easy for investigators to measure angles required for applications of linear momentum, applied physics, WinCrash©, and WinSmac©. Crash investigators will find the thinner, bendable, and practically unbreakable protractor an invaluable tool in their daily work.


Updated specifications: Clear, impact-modified acrylic (IMA), is now bendable and more durable. Measures 6 inches across.

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