Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis

Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis

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Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis
by Neil F. Robar and George L. Ruotolo

IPTM’s Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis, Second Edition, is an expanded and updated version of its predecessor, our popular Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis manual. In addition to four new chapters, updated photos and charts, and nearly 100 more pages, there is a 500± word Glossary—one of the most comprehensive in any text or reference manual on the topic of crash reconstruction.

Using straightforward easy-to-understand language, the authors provide easy-to-follow guidance for those tasked with the complex job of investigating traffic crashes. The manual was created to bridge the gap between At-Scene Traffic Crash Investigation and Traffic Crash Reconstruction while following the learning objectives of IPTM’s Advanced Traffic Crash Investigation course. This new edition will serve as a comprehensive text and reference work for anyone with an interest in the crash investigation field.

Updated in 2017, Advanced Traffic Crash Analysis presents all equations, examples, and calculations in both the US system of measurement and the Système International (SI), previously known as the metric system, making it equally useful internationally.

The book includes the following new or updated chapters:

  • Mathematics Review
  • Vehicle Damage Analysis
  • Safety Belt Examinations and Occupant Restraint Systems
  • Crash Data Retrieval System
  • Visibility Issues in Crash Reconstruction
  • Laws of Motion and Vehicle Dynamics
  • Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Energy
  • Time and Distance
  • Airborne Equations
  • Conservation of In-Line (Collinear) Momentum and introduction to Vectors
  • Photography
  • Advanced Measuring and Diagramming
  • Trial Preparation and Courtroom Testimony

About the Authors:

Neil F. Robar is a 20-year veteran of the Hollywood (FL) Police Department—retiring at the rank of Captain—where he commanded the Fatal Accident Unit, and later, the Detective Bureau. In 1980, he became IPTM’s first employee and trained police all over the globe until his retirement in 1994, when he entered private practice as an Expert Witness in collision reconstruction. While he consulted on all types of vehicle collisions, Mr. Robar specialized in crashes involving motorcycles. His expertise was sought throughout the United States, and he authored several articles and booklets dealing specifically with motorcycle crashes. Mr. Robar is now fully retired.

George L. Ruotolo retired in 1992 from New York State law enforcement after 21 years of service, during which time he trained thousands of police officers in RADAR, DUI/DWI breath testing and traffic crash investigation; certified all police instructors for the state of New York; trained first-line supervisors and commanders in topics related to managing the patrol function, first line supervision and mid-level management; and trained senior law enforcement officials in police agency administration. During the next 25 years, he served as a private collision reconstruction consultant and expert witness— reconstructing over 3,300 serious personal injury and fatal crashes and testifying in more than 150 trials in 37 separate jurisdictions (State and Federal Court) in six states. He is approved by the Florida Bar Association to offer Crash Reconstruction seminars to attorneys and paralegals, where attorneys can earn Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit. Most recently, he has been developing online training programs to for IPTM.

Specifications: 451 pages; 8½”x11”; hardcover; includes photos, drawings, diagrams and charts and contains a glossary of technical terms and an index; Publisher: IPTM, 4th Printing (December 2018)


ISBN 978-1-934-807-19-4

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