Drivers Responses in Emergency Situations - A Quick Reference

Drivers Responses in Emergency Situations - A Quick Reference

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Drivers' Responses in Emergency Situations 
A Quick Reference (3rd Edition)
by Jeffery W. Muttart

The science of driver behavior is complex in that drivers respond differently when facing different environments and driving scenarios. This reference guide will help you quickly access decades of research pertaining to human factors in easy-to-ready charts and figures.

The book is organized so you can evaluate a driver’s behavior in steps. For instance, chapter 1 addresses potential hazards; chapter 2 addresses the time available to the driver; chapter 3 addresses a driver’s ability to recognize objects at night; and so on.

The guide provides the scientific basis and offers information related to topics of perception response times; swerving/lateral acceleration; pedestrian walking and running speeds; nighttime recognition distance; speed choice and much more.

All this information is contained within the following chapters:
  1)  Potential Hazards
  2)  Time Available to the Subject Driver
  3)  Expectancy in Drivers’ Response
  4)  Perception-Response Times
  5)  GAP Acceptance: Percentage of Drivers Who Will Pull Out
  6)  Swerving and Lane Changes
  7)  Factors That Influence Driver Perception-Response Times
  8)  Recognition Research by Object
  9)  Use of a Contrast Gradient Panel for Documenting Nighttime Scenes

Dr. Jeffrey Muttart began his career in crash investigation and reconstruction as an accident investigative reconstructionist with the Groton Town Police Department in 1985. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Hartford and a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the University of Massachusetts. For the past 20+ years he has collected and conducted scientific research to determine the causes of motor vehicle crashes, specifically from the perspective of driver behavior. Dr. Muttart has authored more than 50 technical book chapters and scientific studies on traffic safety topics and has given more than 150 professional lectures throughout the world. He has earned several awards for his research, including the National Transportation Safety Board Award for Contributions to Safety (in 2016). Dr. Muttart is perhaps best known for his research that accurately modeled (predicted) driver response times of drivers who were involved in crashes and near crashes.

Specifications: 169 pages; 6”x 9”; perfect bound; full color charts and diagrams; Publisher: Driver Research Institute, LLC (October 2021)