Inspection of Motorcycles and Helmets After Impact Manual

Inspection of Motorcycles and Helmets After Impact Manual

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Inspection of Motorcycles and Helmets After Impact
by Neil F. Robar

In any motorcycle collision, the motorcycle and helmet may be your only sources of evidence. Mr. Robar, the author of two of IPTM’s popular publications, Motorcycle Helmet Inspection After Impact and Inspection of Motorcycles After Impact, has updated both manuals and assembled them into one of our latest publications, Inspection of Motorcycles and Helmets After Impact.

In this combined book, the daunting task of reconstructing a motorcycle crash has been broken down into specific components. Mr. Robar guides you through the steps to take when inspecting a motorcycle so that an accurate and comprehensive investigation can be made. He shows you the impact damage certain components may sustain and what this damage can reveal about the collision.

And since the investigation would not be complete without the inspection of the helmet, the second part of the book focuses on the components of the helmet. In the same methodical fashion, Mr. Robar explains how to examine each part of the helmet, which ultimately may corroborate or even refute your conclusions about the crash.

The text includes multiple forms, log sheets, and checklists that you can copy and use during your investigations.

The book is divided into two parts and contains the following chapters:

Part I:

  •  Photo Evidence
  •  Front End Assembly
  •  Rear Section of Motorcycle
  •  Center of Motorcycle
  •  Accessories and Miscellaneous Items
  •  Conclusion 
 Part II:
  •  Helmet Inspection
  •  Unapproved Helmets
  •  Helmet Evolution
  •  Types of Helmets and Their Components
  •  The Helmet’s Function
  •  The Motorcycle Helmet Inspection Process
  •  Why Inspect the Helmet
  •  Internal Inspection of Disassembled Hellmet
  •  Final Report and Conclusions
Neil Robar retired at the rank of lieutenant from the Hollywood (Florida) Police Department, where he either commanded or worked in every division and unit. For five years he was the coordinator of IPTM’s Traffic Crash Investigation and Reconstruction section. Mr. Robar is now a private consultant in traffic crash investigation and reconstruction and continues to teach at all levels in the area as an adjunct for IPTM.
Specifications: 117 pages; 8-1/2” x 11”; coil bound; Publisher: IPTM (April 2008)
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