miniBlitz Field Sketch Template

miniBlitz Field Sketch Template

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miniBlitz Field Sketch Template
designed by R.W. Rivers

The IPTM miniBlitz Field Sketch Template is designed to fit in the shirt pocket of the investigator who needs to make quick sketches at the crash scene. The template includes non-scaled cut-outs of the most popular shapes associated with a crash scene. Although the objects will not be drawn to scale, they will be more consistent and much more recognizable than if they were drawn by freehand.

The miniBlitz template includes non-scaled cut-outs of the following:

  • vehicles
  • persons
  • animals
  • shrubs
  • signs
  • stop lights

Features of the template include:

  • 90-degree protractor
  • Convenient size - only 3¾”x4¾”
  • Straight-edge distance scales in both feet and meters
  • Instruction card explaining symbols and use of the template

This template was designed by R.W. Rivers, creator of the popular blueBlitz Traffic Template.

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