Rollover Crashes of Motor Vehicles and Heavy Trucks

Rollover Crashes of Motor Vehicles and Heavy Trucks

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Rollover Crashes of Motor Vehicles and Heavy Trucks
By Lt. Joseph Cofone

IPTM is pleased to offer a new publication that deals specifically with rollover crashes. Authored by Lt. Joseph Cofone, the book,Rollover Crashes of Motor Vehicles and Heavy Trucks, will provide you with the basic knowledge and understanding you will need to investigate these types of events.

The book presents many of the equations you will need to determine how the rollover occurred, as well as the techniques available to recognize, record and interpret the physical evidence. You will learn why similar vehicles behave differently under the same set of conditions and what role friction plays in the onset of a rollover. To illustrate his text, Lt. Cofone has included numerous diagrams and photos. 

Rollover Crashes of Motor Vehicles and Heavy Trucks contains the following chapters: 

  • General Vehicle Roll Dynamics
  • Estimating Roll Speed on a Level Surface
  • The Three Phases of the Rollover Event
  • Trip Speed
  • Number of Rolls and Vehicle Path
  • Rollover Caused by Vehicle to Vehicle Impacts
  • Occupant Kinematics in Rollover Crashes
  • Rollover Events Involving Heavy Trucks

This book will be of great value to crash investigators and reconstructionists as well as trucking industry safety officers and insurance investigators. 

Joseph Cofone is a lieutenant with the Fatal Accident Investigation Unit at the Bergen County New Jersey Prosecutor's Office. He has qualified many times in a court of law as an expert in traffic crash reconstruction. Lt. Cofone has received awards in police traffic safety and crash investigation and reconstruction and is a founding member of the New Jersey Association of Accident Reconstructionists.

Specifications: 109 pages; 8-1/2”x11”; coil bound; 16 photos; 25 figures; 8 tables; Publisher: IPTM (April 2002)